Saturday, 29 May 2010

New Facebook Privacy Settings Announced: What's Changed

New privacy rules have been required for a long-time on Facebook as so many young and impressionable youngsters are using Facebook daily just to tell their friends about what they are doing. Very few realise that someone out there is getting all this information and using it for reasons for good or evil. It is the duty of all such Social Media Sites to be aware of the need to provide their clients with as much protection as it takes to make sure they have a secure and enjoyable experience. It should not be about how many million users you have or how much advertising revenue you can generate but put people that join your site first and last. As without them you have nothing and with them you will grow and less problems will be evident on-line with privacy issues, or one day we will have a policed internet just like many states of the world and freedom of choice and speech will be gone for ever.

So clean up your site` s now before it is too late and put people before profit.
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