Tuesday, 26 January 2010

aceone29 commented on The Lock That Says ‘Pick Me’

aceone29 commented on The Lock That Says ‘Pick Me’: "As we become more and more vulnerable to attacks from malware that has been re-adjusted to integrate even the most security concious system, most administrators admit it is an uphill battle. Some say that it is the the white hats versus the black hats or as l would call it good versus evil. Though it is up to us to be more vigilant when we are on-line, but one suggestion goes as far as to say to protect your data by being off-line. As some of you are aware many companies including Google offer off-line facilities in either Gmail or Reader l use both and find them very useful but also have it connected to Google Gears to enable better synchronisation of my data.

But the best way and l have found is a full spyware and virus checks at logging on and off plus regular 2 hourly checks being initiated on privacy, spyware and virus and l still find small items but them are found early rather than late.

My philosophy is " Prevention Is Better Than Cure " thanks for reading.

My regular updates on security can be found on http://googlelightnews.blogspot.com/"

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