Friday, 29 January 2010

Google Economist Explains Why You Won't Pay For Online News

Google Economist Explains Why You Won't Pay For Online News: "Overall newspaper circulation has been in decline since 1990, 'well before the Internet,' Hal Varian noted, while newspaper circulation crossed against the nation's population has been declining since 1960; and circulation per household has been dropping since -- wait for it -- 1945. You can't blame the Web for that."

This does not seem unusual in the world of the internet the article states but people have become less interested in the newspapers as they reported very little that was of interest to the general public, way back in the early 1990`s and it is only over the last few years people have become more aware of the world.

But my view of the period before this date and 1945 you can only look at the war years and the affect it had on the paper industry and l do understand that people see the internet and news on-line as more interactive with people in other parts of the world,but l do agree people will not pay for news on-line as people like me are building their own news networks.

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