Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Google Is the New "CorporNation" - Half Company, Half Virtual Government

One of the most difficult areas of any stand for justice is that you have to know what you really stand for and how you will provide help and guidance to achieve that goal. In the case of Google it is good that they stand-up and now do the right thing - even and as with all corporate entities their aim maybe profit. Let us look at at history and we see that many nations were ruled by a tyrant but even though that tyrant wreaked chaos in there wake history still changed some for the betterment of society and others for the worsening of the way we live our lives. So l applaud Google being large enough to make a stand but do not agree with Goldman Sachs for wrecking Greece`s economy. The final overriding factor must be that it is the people any nation, leader or CorporNation that really matter and l realise that the end does not justify the means but if the means to an end is worthwhile as l believe this one is, then maybe Google like any corporate entity is not as bad as they are painted.
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